International Outlook

Why Marlborough?

Marlborough is very aware of the increasingly global environment in which our pupils will live and work. Malaysia, SE Asia, Russia, China, India, Brazil and South America will all be areas with which our students will have regular contact, and where they may live and work.

As international boundaries come to mean less and less, some of the new qualifications we have introduced carry a high degree of international portability. The College has forged close links with leading schools in the United States, China, Swaziland and Singapore. We are in the process of founding a school in Johor Bahru, Malaysia – this school will be run by Marlborough people, and our DNA will be exported directly to offer a similar experience to that on offer in Wiltshire. It is not a franchise and there will be clear opportunities for pupil and teacher exchanges – for members of our community to experience different cultures from an early age.

This venture is designed to add value to our offering. Many pupils will go on several overseas trips during their time at Marlborough, and should aim to spend a part of their time in the developing world.