Why Marlborough?

Marlborough College is a beautiful school. Founded in 1843, the College is situated at the western end of the market town of Marlborough and occupies 286 acres of historic downland. 

Around the “wrinkled red-capped town” that lies beyond our gates there rises the beauty of the Downs. Marlburians of today, no less than Sorley, Betjeman or MacNeice, can take a deep delight in the green and rolling aspect of the landscape that surrounds them.

The charm of this countryside and the warmth of College life have conjured for many the happiest of memories.

The school is built around the former mansion-house of the Dukes of Somerset and around the Marlborough Mound, a neolithic edifice dated at 2400 BC and whose Norman castle saw medieval kings hold court. We are less than 80 miles from London and have excellent transport links to the Midlands, South and West. We draw from a very large range of feeder schools, both in the UK and beyond. This diversity within the pupil body leads to new friendships quickly made and nourished through shared experience. Such friendships last well beyond the confines of school and extend throughout the world.

Our buildings sit beautifully within the natural environment, and include some stunning facilities. The Chapel (1886) is one of the finest buildings produced by the Gothic Revival. The Memorial Hall (1925) is unique in being a theatre and assembly space built in the neo-classical style. Meeting in both these buildings as a whole school unifies the community and reinforces a collegiate sense of identity. The Hony Centre (2001) provides Drama and Music with the most modern of facilities for teaching and performance, and the Art School (2005) offers a light and distinctive contemporary home to the visual arts. Our playing fields must be some of the most striking venues on which to play sport, of any school. Recent years have witnessed impressive investment in our built environment and the College campus possesses a collegiate atmosphere which many universities would envy.

The setting is not only a wonderful, uplifting place in which to study but also, having the town of Marlborough on the doorstep, provides the opportunity for pupils to be part of the local community. The College is not an ivory tower dislocated from its environs, instead it is a place that is integral to its local geography, community life and economy. Town and Gown are not separate, but share an interdependent life together; pupils learn the reality of local social responsibility, of the benefits of service and the importance of courtesy and respect to the health of the wider community.