Mr C L Harrison | Housemaster Summerfield

Housemasters and Housemistresses

Charlie Harrison was appointed Housemaster of Summerfield from September 2015.

He was educated at Mount St Mary’s College in Derbyshire and read Economics and Politics at the University of Bath.

During his time at university, rugby union turned professional, and Charlie converted his amateur passion into a career in the sport.  He played European Cup and Premiership rugby for Bath, Bedford and Rotherham and achieved international recognition with England A.

The next chapter in his life began upon completion of a GTP teaching qualification at Trinity Academy School in South Yorkshire. Charlie was subsequently appointed as Master in Charge of Rugby at Marlborough in September 2006.

Charlie has taught Economics, Politics and Form at Marlborough, and was resident in C2 for seven years between 2008 and 2015. He has also coached Colts 1st XI cricket since his arrival, run numerous OA weeks for the C2 Shell, and lead major tours to New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Malaysia and France.

Charlie is married to Emma, herself an experienced Prep School teacher and tutor at Marlborough. They have a daughter Lucia, and a son Oscar. The family enjoys walking their dog, Saba, in the local countryside, and spending holidays learning to surf on Portugal’s Atlantic coast.