Mrs K Kiggell | Housemistress Dancy House

Housemasters and Housemistresses

Kay Kiggell joined Marlborough College in 2003, a year after her husband, Tom.  She had previously taught at Haileybury College in Hertfordshire and at Downe House in Berkshire.  

In both schools, she was Deputy Housemistress and Acting Housemistress in girls’ boarding houses, to cover maternity leaves.  She has an MA in Modern Languages from Somerville College, Oxford and completed a PGCE at Homerton College, Cambridge.

She currently teaches German, Italian and French.  She moved into Morris House as RHT in 2015, having been a tutor in Morris for 12 years.  She plays an important role in the College’s Outreach programme and is an advisor within the Guidance Department.

Tom and Kay have two children, Adam and Jojo.  They enjoy travelling, walking and playing lots of sport together.  Kay enjoys swimming, horse riding, yoga, dance, knitting, tennis, reading, theatre, the countryside and modern architecture.