Student Life After Marlborough

The OMs who kindly made the great effort to come back and share their pearls of wisdom with us on Wednesday 24th April also made efforts to make their pearls relatable and at times funny.

They covered many areas in the briefing, starting by giving useful tips about booking flights (on gap years and travelling generally) which a lot of us don’t have experience of yet. About Fresher’s Week they had sometimes contradictory views, but that provided a range of answers.

Money is obviously a huge concern for students nowadays, and there was some insightful advice on various methods to make money during the year (e.g. bar work or online tutoring), and some specific advice on how to budget. Drugs and alcohol were also considered, and we received some wise generic views. Happily there were no personal horror stories which would have negatively affected our expectations of university! All of the students reinforced to us the importance of applying ourselves to our studies moderately but consistently over a long period of time rather than leaving learning to the last minute and risking nervous breakdowns during exam periods. When it came to mental health, we found it interesting how different universities take care of their students.

The OMs all reiterated the importance of a support system amongst friends, and emphasised pro-activeness in seeking out support. We are very grateful for the information given us over the enjoyable hour, and it was also good to see that the students from the same houses all seemed to enjoy themselves too and still got along, even though they had not seen each other in two or more years!

Annabel Chessher (LI U6) and George Egerton (TU U6)

Pictured: OMs (L-R): Tristan Robbins (CO 2009-14), Chloe Hubbard (IH 2012-17), Steph Evans (MM 2012-17), Hannah Biddle (MM 2012-17), Joe Sykes (CO 2012-17), Alice Springett (MM 2012-17) and Liberty Allen (SU 2015-17)



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